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Korean girls are among the most beautiful and charming young creatures on the planet. So it goes without saying that Korean escorts are going to be all this and much more! However, let’s take a closer look at these young women that love to pamper you…

This isn’t as common as you’d like to think you know. That innate habit of being more subservient to men that Asian women have, doesn’t apply as much to the Koreans. Korean escorts, and Korean women in general, are a little more forward thinking these days. So to find Korean escorts that like to fawn over a gentleman and pamper him in a way that’s ordinarily attributed to other Asians, shows a true love for their career.

This is particularly so for South Korean escorts of course, for obvious reasons. Being free of the oppressive North, the younger generations in South Korea have embraced western culture to a certain degree, whilst still maintaining their own nation’s quintessential qualities. It hasn’t been a simple case of “out with the old, in with the new,” with South Koreans you see, they are only too acutely aware that their history, traditions and idiosyncrasies as a nation, are what make them who they are, and they’re in no hurry to swap them completely for ours.

Innately cheerful and great company

Arguably the best personality trait for Koreans is that they are in general very friendly people, and very positive to be around. This is a trait that Korean escorts have managed to retain and it makes them perfect for their career choice. Western men, or indeed men from anywhere else in the world, can’t get over the difference between a Korean escort’s attitude and that of perhaps an Eastern European. Many Eastern European escorts are a little too professional, if you understand what we mean.

It makes such a refreshing change when you spend time with a young Korean girl. They’re simply so full of life and energy and always happy to see you. We’re not just saying that either. We are big fans of Asian escorts of all varieties of course, but in our experience we find Korean escorts to have the very best personalities.

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