Find The Ultimate Rough Escort

rough and tumble escorts

Are you the type that can only get it up if there is a little skin in the game – literally!?!? Well, if so the people at Extraklasse Escort Agency have just the girl for your needs. This is not some fly-by-night one size fits all agency. They have been around the longest and they have the best stable of girls to choose from. Or, if you are feeling daring, you can let them choose for you!

Once your girl arrives at your Vienna hotel you can expect her to be ready to role play just about any fantasy you have in mind. Let your mind run wild with the possibilities.

Extraklasse was started by an escort who was sick and tired of the tameness she saw all around her. She wanted to create not just a company, but a culture. A place where men could go to be men (or women) and women could go to entertain in ways previously frowned upon.

So let your inner muse out with a bad girl from Extraklasse!