Complete Nuru Massage Pleasures


There are many different techniques that an experienced girl can use to give you a deep tissue massage. For instance up until a few months ago I’d never had a nuru massage, hell I didn’t even know what one was. A buddy of mine was kind enough to explain it to me and he said it’s the best experience that you can have. I’ve had several wonderful massages since then, in fact I’m booked in for a complete nuru massage this afternoon.

I’m really excited as it just so happens they have a new girl in today and I’m going to get her to work me all over. Now there is a risk involved taking on a new girl for a nuru massage, she might have loads of talent or she might have no idea of how to give a man an erotic massage, I just like the risk factor that’s involved with it. No matter how or who you like giving your body a full work over nobody can deny that feeling of a woman running her hands all over you.